Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Power of Reconciliation

The experience of my relationship with Bill Bright has taught me much about the promise and power of reconciliation. I will never again deny the prospect of coming together with those with whom I disagree. It is indeed the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to break down the walls between us. Sojourners Magazine, 11/2004
The U.S. News and World Report cover story for this week is The Deep Divide: Why voters for both sides are so angry. This touches something that concerns me.

Having lived for 15 years in an African country that went through periods of democratic elections and military coups, I was always amazed at how few countries can go through a polarizing election then everyone works together following the election. The African country I resided in could not do that. After an election, people were left polarized. To the point of killing one another. Or plotting military coups because their party did not win.

I felt that it had something to do with the strong Christian heritage that still had residual influence in the U.S.

Today, I read an amazing article that spread hope. The November issue of Sojourners Magazine, which I rarely read, had an article by Jim Wallis on The Power of Reconciliation.

Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourner's Magazine, and Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, found themselves on opposite sides of the political process many years ago. This is the story of their reconciliation. Amazing.


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